CA Denies Hero Cop CCW Because She Collects Disability…Way To Stay Classy Cali


In 2009, Ally Jacobs, a police officer at UC Berkeley, was credited for helping crack the 18 year long kidnapping case where Jaycee Dugard was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Jacobs intuition and deductive skills led to the rescue of the victime and she was hailed as a hero. Now, since Jacobs recently retired due to medical reasons she is getting a nice boot to the face by the State of California.

You see, in California, under state law, retired cops are entitled to a permit to carry a concealed weapon. But Jacobs was told she was ineligible for a retired officer card with an endorsement to carry a concealed weapon because since she is receiving disability income she isn’t considered “retired.”

Now, I have my own issues with cops getting a greenlit shall issue CCW while other law abiding citizens in the Golden State must jump through hoops and are dependent on the whims of the issuing authority, but now it seems that the powers that be are turning on their own.

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