By Liberal Standards, What’s Wrong if Obama is a Muslim?


Why are liberals upset that Donald Trump didn’t correct a questioner who claimed President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim? What is wrong with being a Muslim? Liberals love Muslims. They elect them to office. They are in high level government positions. Being Muslim is really in. So what’s the problem?

It’s my understanding that it was some of Hillary’s supporters during the 2008 campaign that perpetuated the rumor that Obama was not a United States citizen and therefore ineligible to be President. There is no evidence that she ever denounced them.

So what if President Obama is a Muslim? What’s all the fuss? “Democrat Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), the second Muslim to be elected to Congress, said Trump’s action[s]were ‘not only intentional’ but also ‘insidious.’”

I don’t doubt that Trump’s failure to correct the questioner was deliberate.

I repeat, what’s wrong with being a Muslim? Rep. Andre Carson, who is a Muslim, should have said, “I’m proud to have Barack Hussein Obama identified as a Muslim. Islam is a great religion. There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim. I’d be glad to have a Muslim President.”
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