It Was The Butler In The Voting Booth With The…


A considerable amount has been written about Obama’s controversial appointees, to the federal bench and to key cabinet seats. Most of the scrutiny has settled on the Obama administration’s deficiency in vetting each candidate by their qualifications, however, that is not really the main the issue.

On the contrary, the administration did scrutinize meticulously and they selected each person specifically. When a regime repeatedly nominates radical-left characters, it’s not a vetting mistake – it’s a deliberate pattern.

Case in point is Matthew S. Butler former CEO of the notorious, Soros-funded, online news outlet Media Matters for America – an organization well known for their shallow, one-sided faux journalism – and a recent nominee to the Election Assistance Commission. The EAC is a supposed to be a bipartisan federal commission, started in 2004, to help address election management problems such as those so infamously displayed in Florida during the 2000 election cycle. The office generates standards for voting machines, performs national research surveys, and perhaps most important, maintains the federal voter registration form.

For years, Mr. Butler led Media Matters in their unyielding mission to ruin the pro-liberty crusade through its dispersion of fabricated statistics about conservative associations and businesses.

According to his self-posted online résumé, Mr. Butler has never held a job in election administration – or even public service for that matter. Butler did work in the John Kerry and Christopher Dodd presidential campaigns, however, where voting regulations or the administration of constituent registration and elections are concerned, his involvement is sorely deficient.

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