Business Thrives As Owner Offers Discount to Gun Owners


by Tony Oliva

In a story that no doubt has the mouth breathers of the gun control zealot crowd fuming, a restaurant owner has bucked the pressure from gun control groups to ban firearms from his establishment and in fact has offered discounts to those who come in packing heat.

Keven Cox, owner of Bergeron’s Restaurant in Port Allen Louisiana, decided that his establishment would not cave to the pressures of groups like Mom’s Demand Action and become a place of bigotry and denials of civil rights. Unlike businesses like Target and Starbucks, Cox has made a stand for freedom and was not cowed by the bleating of the gun controllers.

In fact, not only has Cox continued to allow people to patron his restaurant while carrying a firearm, he has even incentivised doing so by offering a 10% discount to anyone who is carrying a firearm.

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