Bullies Beware, 9 Year Old Girl on a Mission


Nine-year old Hawaii girl who gained fame for standing up to bully is ready to address the problem nationally

MAUI, Hawaii – Nine-year-old Eileen Parkman refused to back down to the bullies at her former school, and it cost her a great deal of pain and suffering.

But Parkman refuses to let the negative experience dissuade her. She’s busy dreaming up ways to take a stand against bullies throughout the nation.

Earlier this year, Parkman, then a student at Kamali’i Elementary School in Hawaii, overheard a group of 5th-grade boys abusing an autistic child, who was lying in the fetal position.

Having been at the school for only a few months, Eileen was shocked at what she was witnessing and confronted the bullies, politely asking them to stop.

“This group of boys was beating up this boy with autism and I knew it was wrong so I told them to stop it,” Eileen says.

“Eileen just decided enough was enough and stepped up to do the right thing,” her father, Sean Parkman, tells EAGnews.

Unfortunately the bullies reacted by making Eileen their new target.

The group of boys began to swear at her and “say mean things,” according to Sean Parkman. He also said they pushed her to the ground and “roughed her up.”

As the weeks progressed, Eileen continued to be bullied by other students and abused by school administrators, according to her father.

Sean Parkman says the principal confronted Eileen in front of her peers and accused her of lying about the entire incident. He also said administrators threatened to report him to Child Protective Services if he withdrew his daughter from the school.

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