The nineteenth century is when it happened.  This country expanded
with abandon, and it was fueled by the frontier spirit of vision,
courage and adventure.  Immigration was encouraged and men and women from much of Europe, especially, and various other countries, with great talents made this a country of production.  When necessity poked up its head, there was someone there to satisfy the need.  From clothes pins to locomotives, size and magnitude was just something to overcome.  Of course, the constant drive westward required wagons and tools and the horses needed shoes, as well as the people who drove or rode them.  Wagons were built to feed the wagon trains on the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.  Shops and factories to produce needed equipment expanded as the nation moved west.  Then came the vision of railroads.
Railroads, of course, needed endless rails for the rail beds, as well
as the wooden ties to anchor the rails.  This greatly increased the
need for steel and timber.
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