Building Toward Success: Knowing Your ‘Ability Mix’


by William Pauwels

Everyone has a different mix of ability, talent, opportunity, wealth, support, etc. Most people tend to focus on what they consider to be their deficiencies – rather than on their unique combination of talent and opportunities.

For example, some individuals are highly intelligent compared to the average. Others are better educated. A few even have photographic memories. Some receive sound moral support from parents, friends and teachers. The fortunate receive financial support. Some are tall. Some are short. A few are uniquely athletic. Others are highly energetic and motivated. A minority are handsome. Some are exceptionally charming. A small number are great listeners. Some are mechanical – handy. Others are blessed with street sense; etc. ,etc.

It is extremely important that youngsters embarking on business careers recognize their unique combination of attributes and NOT write themselves off because they lack abilities that others have. Success can be theirs.

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