Bubble Wrapped in Outer Space


There are seven year olds that watch more violent movies than I am able to stomach, and I am positive that several of the upper elementary kids that I teach can string together a more clever conglomeration of curse words than my brain could create. I’ve been physically attacked by a five year old, had multiple kids literally go limp while I tried to lovingly address an inhuman meltdown, and I can’t count the times I have seen kids pull their parents around by the nose. Literally and figuratively. After ten years of working with kids, I have come to this conclusion. The next generation will be a mass of adults who are bubble wrapped in outer space.

When Willy and Wonka, who were raised with the ideas that “No” means “yes” and yes means “heck, yes!”, are released into the great unknown, they will be lost and floundering in space,until they reach Mars, where they will be eaten by extra terrestrials. They will have learned just enough about the way the world works to be able to keep from electrocuting themselves or joining a nudist colony, maybe, but they will have no concept of consequences or real responsibility. It is like parents bubble wrap their kids, just in case they happen to hit an asteroid while they are lost and wandering through the great abyss. Why do little Beni and Hana get bailed out every time they fall? Why do parents expect teachers to praise their kids for failing and reward their kids for that one day when they weren’t being horribly delinquent, just mildly delinquent?

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