Broke Down and Busted Obamacare is Still Coming


Just this past week I was able to attend a local Town Hall meeting where my congressman from Georgia’s 14th District, Rep. Tom Graves (R), was on hand to answer questions from his constituents. The meeting lasted over an hour, and of the thirty or so questions that Representative Graves answered, at least a third of them focused on Obamacare and its repercussions. Several locals who work in the medical industry asked questions and voiced concerns about the upcoming implementation of the law. They know that even broke down and busted Obamacare is still coming, and it could make life very, very hard. The tenor of most of the discussion was, in a word, fearful.

My fellow citizens are scared about what will happen once we are forced to actively engage with Obamacare. The confusion over the legislation is the fault of the Obama administration. So much of Obamacare has been delayed or tossed out that it’s practically impossible to know what parts of the law are still in effect. All of this uncertainty is causing havoc in the insurance market and in the business world by extension.

I wrote recently about just a few cases of Obamacare remorse that will affect thousands of people.

“Hey remember when Obamacare was supposed to be all daisies, rainbows, and unicorns? Yeah… it’s not so much anymore. The University of Virginia and UPS will both be dropping THOUSANDS of spouses from their healthcare coverage. They aren’t the only employers who are sweating the coming Obamacare destruction… a lot of other companies are cutting hours, cutting jobs, and freezing hiring.”

At the Town Hall I attended one man spoke of receiving a letter from his insurance provider letting him know that they would no longer be providing group coverage. In California and other states, insurers are simply leaving – deciding it will be easier and more profitable to simply not operate in certain states.

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