Brits Told to Abort Fetus with Brain Damage Give Birth to Healthy Baby


by Carly Hill

Abortion is personal to me. My first experience with it was when I was still in the womb. Because I wasn’t old enough to understand English yet, a source tells me that my biological father, upon hearing the news of my mom’s pregnancy, asked her if she “wanted to keep it.” The fist time I got pregnant, it was ectopic and almost killed me. After that, I had a healthy baby girl. More recently, I had a weird pregnancy that they thought produced a cancerous tumor. Luckily, they were wrong and it was just a normal, albeit weird-looking, miscarriage. In both of my problem pregnancies, doctors were hasty in advising me to abort “just in case.” So, given the emotional and physical pain that problem-pregnancies have caused me paired with the fact that my father was open to ending my life before it started, abortion of any kind and for any reason is something I take very personally.

Just this week in the news, a healthy baby girl was born to a British family that was told they should abort their child because the ultrasounds showed that she had severe brain damage. The parents refused to follow the doctor’s orders and saw the pregnancy through. The doctors were wrong.

I can relate to this because during my last problem-pregnancy, I was told by one doctor that we had to operate immediately in case the baby was planted outside of the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies can be recurring and sometimes, a baby will attach to the outside of the uterus. There have been a handful of cases like this abroad that have been delivered early by C-section and have resulted in healthy babies. So, I did my research and told the doctor I wouldn’t go through with surgery. I wish you could have seen the look on his face.

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