Brief History Of Violence: How To Protect Ourselves


Violence isn’t new. Violence has always shocked us. If anything, violence shocks us more now that we have a hundred channels of 24-7-365 media coverage bleeding in wide screen high-definition.

Scholars have studied violence and how real violence has changed over time. They learned quite a bit from the attacks on our schools, churches and shopping malls. Their prescription to protect us from violence has changed as well. Unfortunately, for all the stylized Hollywood violence we watch, we remain ignorant of real solutions.

We, the general public, have yet to catch up with the reality of modern public violence. The professionals who study violence can now tell us what works to stop violence, but it is up to us to put their prescriptions into practice. Our government and church administrators will only respond once we tell them what to do. This is some of what we’ve learned.

“Just give him what he wants.”
There was a time when a hostage taker wanted money and a get-away car. This was the kidnap model of violence against innocent people. Maybe the kidnapper also wanted an apology from someone in power and this was the kidnapper’s way of embarrassing a public figure. The person in power could be a politician, a police official, an employer or maybe an ex-spouse.

The police responded with a negotiator. Often the hostage situation ended with the hostage taker giving himself up to police. I’m old enough to remember when people hijacked airplanes and took them to other countries. Those events were superseded once hostage takers wanted notoriety rather than money. We discovered that some hostage takers wanted everyone to suffer, not merely a former boss. The age of the terrorist was born.

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