Brian Williams is Just the Tip of the Iceberg at NBC


Brian Williams has stepped down from his position as nightly news anchor at NBC, and that’s a good thing. He won’t be missed. After all, there are plenty remaining at NBC and most of them—like Williams—have only a passing acquaintance with the truth. This said, Brian Williams is not the only person at NBC, ABC, and CBS who should be shown the door for playing fast and loose with the facts. All three networks do the same thing on a regular basis. In fact, lying—omission, commission, or biased reporting—is a commonplace practice throughout the mainstream media.

To Brian Williams I say, good bye, adios, adieu, and good riddance. But in Williams’ defense (sort of), those of us who were never fans of his in the first place may be missing an important point. That point is simply this: It is not just Brian Williams who knowingly lied about the controversial story that finally caught up with him. It is also his production crew and NBC News. Further, Williams’ was not asked to step aside because he lied. There is a culture of lying in the mainstream media. It is a widely-accepted practice. Rather, Brian Williams was asked to step aside because he got caught. Frankly, if Williams’ actions had not undermined the “credibility” of NBC News—meaning if he had not undercut ratings—he would still be in the broadcast seat. In the mainstream media, you can lie and get away with it even if caught as long as you don’t hurt the ratings.
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