Breaking News: Allen West Now Considering Running For President


by Allen West

I knew it would happen sooner or later. My first disappointment of the KPCRAA occurred today after I got to my room in Beaumont.

I turned on the TV for news updates to Fox News, of course (the source for highly-informed voters/electorate), and to my dismay the channel was not available. My two choices for national news channels were CNN and MSNBC, the stations for low-to-no information voters. No worries, I can always check out reruns of Green Acres or Petticoat Junction; far more intellectually stimulating than the Most Serious National Barack Channel or Clueless News Network.

It was a short ride today and the weather was perfect, cool, overcast, but with a strong crosswind. The traffic in Houston was rough, even in the middle of the day, but we all arrived safely to Beaumont, greeted by a very welcoming crowd.

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