Breaking: AP / WH Story Makes No Sense, Iran Holding US Navymen


The blindingly rapid “resolution” of this incident — very much out of character for Iran — only raises more questions.  The whole thing is off.

Regarding where the boats were throughout the incident, the Iranians have conveniently seized the GPS boxes, so we’ll never have direct proof available to the American public.

You’d think the White House and State would come up with a story that actually hung together.

I also want to append an excerpt from a comment posted on Facebook earlier today by a former Navy SEAL, which expresses the same sentiments I have about this incident, but much more bluntly.  He had extensive experience with operating riverine craft of the type that were seized (CB90 patrol boats, we now know.  See NaCly Dog’s link in the comments section).

The claim by Iran that the USN boats “strayed into Iranian waters” is complete bulls***.

Read the full story about this at Liberty Unyielding

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