Bravo MTV! You Just Glorified the War on Women!


Disgusting, obscene, pornographic, out of control. These are just some of the thousands of comments tweeted and posted on social media and blogs after the jaw-dropping performance of Miley Cyrus on the VMA’s the other night.

I do not watch MTV so I had to pull up the video after the fact to make sure that I was correct in my reporting, and after seeing it, I am in complete agreement with everything being said about this horrific display. The so-called performance was as close to onstage pornography as I have ever seen or heard of.

My question is; what was going through the minds of everyone involved in this blatant display of decadence and degradation? First of all, why would Miley Cyrus want to portray herself in such a way? I know she has issues with drugs as well as other psychological problems, but to willingly do something like this reeks of self-loathing and zero self-esteem. The others involved, like her managers, and the MTV producers are just sitting back smiling, dreaming of the amazing controversy this will stir up.

Here she was, the darling of Disney as the much loved and admired “Hannah Montana”, a little girl whom other little girls could look up to and imitate. Thousands of products had her face attached to them; she had the top rated show for Disney which eventually turned into feature films following the same theme. She glorified the squeaky clean image of the modern pre-teen.

Having been a child actress I know that it is very difficult to break out of the image that America loves. Back in the 1930’s, no one wanted to accept Shirley Temple as a grown woman. In the 60’s the road was strewn with former child stars that never could make the transition from cute kid to sexy adult. If you did want to make that leap, you had to do something drastic to make people accept you as someone else. I changed my name and moved to New York. Many tried and many failed, but none that I can remember went to the extreme of Miley Cyrus.

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