Brain Dead Liberals Stuck in the 1960’s


by Harry Livermore

It’s almost impossible to disprove it when someone accuses you of believing something, and it’s doubly difficult when it is verbalized in the negative. “Prove to me that you don’t believe the world is flat,” a challenger might demand. The question is not, “Prove that the world is round.” The question so posed is “Prove that you don’t believe it is flat.” If you try, you will go in ever diminishing circles like the proverbial Wang Wang bird until you disappear you know where.

The latest challenge–and this has been going on for many years, but has gained momentum since 2008–is for a person to prove he or she is not a racist. That’s almost impossible to prove. You can say you aren’t. You can point to deeds you have done that, to any sensible person, will go a long way to prove you aren’t. You can even have testimonials from friends, former students, work colleagues, and others who are members of a minority race, but none of these will prove to your challenger that you aren’t a racist.

That’s because most liberals are brain dead. They are caught in the 60s. They live in enclaves, either physically or virtually. They keep repeating over and over again the words that have been given to them by race baiters in the liberal establishment that are mostly Democrats, until they firmly believe them.

Sarah is a friend of mine. She just graduated from high school, but she was in middle school during the 2008 election year. Sarah is Caucasian and when the kids in that middle school cast their ballots for the straw vote that probably went on in thousands of schools across this country, she was immediately challenged by girls her age who weren’t Caucasian. “Who did you vote for?” they demanded to know. “McCain,” Sarah truthfully answered. “You’re a racist!” they screamed at her.

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