Brad Stine Receives Strong Support for His Christian Stand in the Film Industry


I just wrote a short article about this on my Facebook Page. Here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

It’s no secret that Hollywood has long discriminated against Christians and conservatives, with open Christian and conservative actors even talking about being blacklisted. But despite the anti-Christian and anti-conservative attitudes of the Hollywood Liberal Elite, these films thrive. Now to be fair, some are low budget and rather cheesy, a few are also over the top preachy which isn’t going to win anybody to our side, but there are some really good ones and they make a great amount of money on the market despite the lack of mainstream media attention and the negative feedback from Hollywood.

Seriously search up any Christian or conservative themed movie on rotten tomatoes and you’ll see nothing but an endless amount of rage filled hate from the Hollywood critics, but take a look at the audience reviews and the revenue and you’ll see praises and a very successful film bringing in millions of dollars, sometimes even more than the Hollywood blockbusters. This recent very successful trend of conservative and Christian movies is a sign of a cultural backlash against the militant secular liberal establishment, but you’ll never see these films given rewards or the actors praised, it’s just not going to happen in Tinsel Town (and no, Noah does not count as that was not a religious film in the slightest).

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