Brace Yourselves: Liberal Crybabies Are Getting Warmed Up for 2014


by Spencer Brown

Really? Is it that time again already? Unfortunately for those ill of the campaign cycle filled with television commercials, lawn signs, and ugly Facebook arguments, it is. Election Day 2014 is now less than 9 months away, and the senate, congressional, and gubernatorial campaigns are getting warmed up and ready for a fight. And while I couldn’t get sick of campaigns if I tried, there is one thing that drives me mad: whiny liberals.

Sure, there are those who try my patience on the right, but the lefties really know how to make a scene. They know they can’t win arguments on things like healthcare reform or economic policy, so they do what they do best: play the victim to an imagined evil, deviant conservative movement. It sets the stage for the double-standards liberals are so well-known for, and manage to drag much of the media along on their roller-coaster ride of victimization.

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