Kirk Cameron

"Without the power of the Holy Spirit changing us and giving us power over our sin, we can't hope to be the dads that our boys need us to be," says father, producer and actor Kirk Cameron.

When does a boy become a man? What does it mean to be a man? How do fathers turn their boys into men? Today, Biblical manhood is often misunderstood, neglected, and mocked. Discover key practical steps a father can use to help his son successfully maneuver through the process of becoming a man.

Brian MolitarAuthor Brian D. Molitor is the CEO of Molitor International and the founder of the Malachi Global Foundation. He is a highly sought after strategist, personal coach, and trainer, whose favorite roles in life are as husband and father. Read more...

Embracing the concepts learned in this powerful set is vital to advancing the maturation and masculinity of the next generation of men. Manhood is not simply achieved by reaching a certain age; it is planned, earned, and—above all—affirmed by the older males in every boy's life. Becoming a man does not just happen; it is a process—a boy's passage to a man's journey.

Boy's Passage — Man's Journey is an eye-opening message of how to deliberately and strategically transform boys into the productive and godly men of the future.

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