BO’s Booty May Have Been Booted From Saudi Arabia


by Marilyn Assenheim

Bravo, Kevin Jackson. America has much to applaud with the launch of the new website, not the least of which is a black, Conservative point-of-view blog instead of the ubiquitous, cookie-cutter, liberal blather. Mr. Jackson ran a story in BlackSphere on Saturday which went unnoticed everywhere else: “Obama dismissed by Saudi King Abdullah?

Media coverage of the Saudi trip was hijacked by a Politico reporter, Carrie Budoff Brown. Brown, exemplifying the professionalism expected of a senior White House correspondent these days, Tweeted illicit photos of King Abdullah’s royal person and hideaway. The to-do was all about how news of the Saudi royal family is kept virtually absent from Riyadh’s hoi polloi. Much was made of her black market pictures of the king’s crib and its up-market accoutrements.

The UK MailOnline was breathless at Brown’s daring exploit: “Senior White House reporter Carrie Budoff Brown’s tweets transfixed thousands of Saudis who receive very little news of their own royal family and government because of strict censorship rules(:)

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