BOOM! Michigan Court of Appeals Halts Ridiculous Recount


BOOM! The Michigan Court of Appeals agrees with Bill Schuette and Powdered Wig. Jill Stein has no legal standing in court to demand a recount as she is not an aggrieved party in the case.

Why the Wicked Witch of Beghazi didn’t ask for a recount herself instead of trotting Stein out to front the effort is a mystery to me. I don’t know why and I don’t care, but Jill Stein has no legal standing as she is not an aggrieved party. Period!

Michigan’s decision to abandon the recount should now seal the deal, insuring Donald Trump will receive the requisite 270 electoral votes to finally secure the confirmed election victory.

Hitlery’s only hope was to prevent all three states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania from making it to the Electoral College, having their electoral votes stalled in limbo as they were pushing the deadline to complete their respective recounts.


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