Bongino: Another patriot the Left doesn’t want you to know


by Allen West

On Thursday this week I will have the distinct honor of attending a very special event in Maryland on behalf of an exceptional American, Dan Bongino, who is running to represent Maryland’s 6th Congressional district.

Former Special Agent Bongino spent 12 years with the Secret Service and in 2006 entered into duty with the elite Presidential Protection Division in the administration of President George W. Bush. Bongino remained on protective duty during the change in administration to President Barack Obama, quickly becoming the highest-ranking member of his operational shift of agents. He’s the author of “Life Inside the Bubble” and he would make an outstanding congressman.

I first met Dan during the 2012 election cycle when he was running for US Senate in the State of Maryland. He told me he was entering the race on faith and answering a different call to service for our nation. Instead of protecting one individual, he wanted to serve and protect his fellow Maryland residents.

Look into the eyes of Dan Bongino and you’ll see conviction like that of the early Minutemen at Concord Bridge. His love of country is above reproach and even though he was unsuccessful in that Senate bid, he did not cower, but was even more encouraged.

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