Boko Haram Keeps Killing Civilians. World Keeps Doing…Nothing.


by Allen West

Remember that group of Islamic terrorists that everyone was hashtagging about a few weeks back? Yeah, I know Obama-induced ADD. Well, let me remind you, the nasty chaps who call themselves Boko Haram who kidnapped some 200 Nigerian girls — and FLOTUS and Hollywood types went on social media about? Ok, now you remember.

Well, everyone was REALLY mad at these varmints but no one did anything about it — like, kill them.

So out of boredom, they decided to do something else violent and horrific. According to a report in Slate, “While dressed as members of the Nigerian army, Boko Haram militants rounded up and killed more than 200 civilians in at least three villages in northeastern Nigeria earlier this week. Community leaders who escaped the massacre said the militants lied to the villagers telling them they were there to protect them.”

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