NOT Your Body, NOT Your Choice


by Carly Hill

Last March, I posted this meme on’s Facebook page


I think it’s great. To the point. Doesn’t leave much room for arguing (or so I thought). And, it’s not even graphic! If you type ‘abortion’ into any search engine, you’ll find horrifying (real) photographs that will make you never want to look at your tablet screen again. But this? This is just…the pro-life argument – plain and simple.

So, to my surprise, something happened a couple weeks ago. This meme went viral from our page, and suddenly, I’m getting HUNDREDS of private messages, coming in by the second, saying that Facebook users reported this meme as inappropriate and offensive. At first I thought, “This can’t be right…it must be one person spamming us.” Then, one said, “I am offended by this and got all my friends to report you.” So, this dude’s friends turned into about 30 million other-peoples’-friends.

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