#BlackBrunchNYC Protesters Invade Restaurants To Promote Anti-Police Rhetoric


On Sunday, anti-police protesters invaded several restaurants in New York City to demand attention to what they were pushing: anti-police rhetoric. They promoted their agenda via Twitter under the hashtag #BlackBrunch NYC.

Several of the protesters entered establishments to loudly read the names of black people killed by police. They failed to include whether the killing was justified or not.

Look, I’m the first one to call out if police officers do something wrong, but to paint all police officers with a broad brush like this is slanderous and, in fact, criminal.

These people entered private businesses and expected to disrupt other people’s brunch showed a complete lack of respect for their fellow man and a disturbing of the peace. This is not a First Amendment issue. If you think it is, perhaps you need to go back and understand that you have the right to free speech as long as it is lawful (according to God’s law).

If they want to do some good and if they really cared about black lives, what they should do is heed the words of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who said that their efforts would best be used protesting the genocide of black babies in abortion clinics in their neighborhoods. But no, these people are just out to get “whitey” and the police.
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