Black Scholar Says ‘Black Votes Should Count More Than Whites’


Theodore Roosevelt Johnson III is an opinion columnist, speaker, 2011-2012 White House Fellow, and military officer, who writes and speaks on issues of race and politics. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Hampton University and a Master’s degree with an International Relations concentration from Harvard University. In 2014, he began doctoral studies at Northeastern University.

In a recent column Mr. Johnson argued for padding the black vote. He argues that Blacks should get “weighted votes so they ‘count for 167 percent of everyone else’s.’” He bases this percentage on the three-fifths clause in the Constitution. “A five-thirds compromise would imbue African Americans with a larger political voice that could be used to fight the structural discrimination expressed in housing, education, criminal justice and employment.”

Here’s what Johnson is really saying: “Blacks should get a higher calculated percentage of a vote so they can use the political system to take money from mostly white people.”
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