Black Panther Chairman: Finish The ‘Mission,’ Kill ‘Slave Masters’


Former New Black Panther Party chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz told a group of about 200 African American that they need to “finish the mission” of killing “slave masters” and their families.

Shabazz’s comments began with the story of Denmark Vesey, who planned an unsuccessful slave revolt and helped found the Mother Emanuel Church. The massacre at the church happened on the anniversary of the foiling of Vesey’s 1822 planned revolt.

“Denmark Vessey had a plan to kill all the slave masters in the state. Denmark Vessey had a plan to kill every last one of them and kill all their goddamn families,” Shabazz told a crowd at the Save the Black Church rally held Tuesday night in Marian Square, a block away from the Mother Emanuel AME Church racist Dylann Roof allegedly murdered nine black churchgoers.

“We need some new Denmark Vessey today,” he proclaimed. “We gotta complete what Denmark didn’t finish. He never finished his mission. But the real children of Denmark is out here today.”
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