Black oppression being taught in Florida high school Earth science class


Our story yesterday about the “Die-In” at a North Carolina high school encouraged another parent to come forward with a public school horror story of leftist indoctrination, this time from Royal Palm Beach Community High in Florida.

Once again, this mother asked that she remain anonymous for fear of retribution – can I just stop and ask, what sort of a tyrannical society do we live in now that we have to live in fear of retribution for exposing the truth? Anyway, she’s a small business owner, and she doesn’t want to affect her business or of course put her son in harm’s way.

In her email to me she said, “Over the past several months my son had been complaining that (Ezekiel Edmonds) his science teacher wasn’t teaching science. I finally asked him for proof. My jaw dropped when I received the text from my son with a video recording.”

“My son’s science teacher does not teach science. Instead, Mr. Edmonds shows videos about black oppression. He discusses how white people hold black people down, and that blacks should stand up to this oppression. He stirs up racial divisiveness in the classroom. My son has been telling me this and I have not been listening. Now there is proof. My son made 3 videos.”


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