Black mob surrounds car, terrorizes white mother, two young children


“They were walking around both sides of the vehicle — in the front, in the back — and as they were walking across, they were hitting my car, using racial slurs and telling me that I didn’t belong in their neighborhood because I was white,” a visibly shaken Susan Pedersen told reporters with Chicago ABC affiliate WLS.

Pedersen was describing the nightmare she experienced Friday night, after just having dropped a friend off at the University of Chicago. She was stopped at a red light when her was suddenly enveloped by several dozen black teens, who kicked the vehicle and shook it violently, smashing the rear window with a bicycle. Her two children, ages 3 and 5, were in the back screaming.

The encounter left the vehicle dented, but the emotional damage outweighs the physical destruction. “I’m very scared, very anxious, nervous. Just fearful,” Pedersen says in the video at LibertyUnyielding.

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