Biggest Danger to Black Americans Today: White Liberals


There was a time when certain parts of America were not safe for black people. In some quarters blacks faced not just the reality of discrimination, but the ever-present possibility of physical abuse, including even lynching. But that was decades ago. In today’s society a young black man is more likely to be killed by another black man instead of a bunch of racist rubes in hoods and robes. But even black-on-black crime, as serious as that problem is in America, does not come close to equaling the danger black Americans face from another even more treacherous source: white liberals with an ideological vision Dr. Shelby Steele of the Hoover Institute calls “poetic truth.”

What is “poetic truth”? It is the ideological equivalent of poetic license, the concept writers apply when playing fast and loose with the rules of grammar, spelling, and factual accuracy. Poetic license is applied to enhance the message conveyed by the written word or, at least, that is the theory. “Poetic truth” is a concept liberals apply to enhance and perpetuate a narrative about blacks as victims that is at odds with reality, but—to liberals suffering from white guilt—is more palatable than the truth. In a recent edition of his syndicated column, economist Walter Williams defined “poetic truth” this way: “Liberals have a poetic commitment to black victimization as the explanation for the many problems affecting a large segment of the black community. The truth that blacks have now achieved a level of freedom comparable to that of others has to be seen as a lie. People who accept the truth about that freedom are seen as aligning themselves with America’s terrible history of racism.”

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