Better Than Impeaching Obama


With the weekly scandals and daily lies, nothing seems more appropriate than impeaching Obama. But to be really honest, he is just the typical political monster we the people have allowed to be created in our current system. The power belongs to the people and elected officials can only do what we allow them to do. The growth of our large federal government didn’t happen overnight, but Obama has certainly taken it to the next level. The time is NOW to stop Obama and all future Obamas.

Our only choice is to take the power away from the federal government once and for all. All impeaching Obama would do is give us another power hungry tyrant looking for the next conquest. We need to fix the federal government for all time and make sure that this out of control government will never happen again.

With state legislatures beginning their sessions across the nation this month, now is our chance to put our own local elected officials on notice. They have the power to rein in the federal government and they must use this power. Through the Convention of States and their efforts to call an Article 5 Convention to propose amendments to limit the power of the federal government we can restore America to what it was meant to be. They have made the process extremely easy with the ability for you to write your legislature here: YOUR State Legislator
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