Better Call Saul – America Repeats Israel’s Failure


The man who became King Saul presented as “just what the doctor ordered” for Israel. A man whose stature and bearing matched the glory of the leaders of the nations surrounding Israel and would put an end to the mocking of the Jewish follows of Jehovah. The people of Israel had been following the leadings and words that God spoke through the prophets and they were not television ready, if you get my drift. These prophets were not the models of the day, the beautiful people that we hoped to see in our mirrors as the devastation of gravity and age takes its toll.

Israel wanted someone to lead them who was a warrior, came from the right family background and looked and smelled good. Wow, did they ever fall for the “pig in the poke” scam. They took what looked good and God said “Okay have it your way, but you will pay a price for not doing it My way.”

They paid a price, but eventually the lineage of David produced the promised Messiah and the centuries of adherence to His law and His way.

America had taken root in the fertile soil of the heart’s desire of the Founding Fathers and the Pilgrims and those who sought freedom of thought and expression and worship. At the heart of it all was the earnest desire, backed by prayer and supplication, to serve God as the Word of God suggested, not as slaves to any King or any government that did not recognize the supremacy of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
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