Bernie Sanders Praises Communist Dictator for Transforming His Nation


My grandparents fled Cuba in the 1960’s on sponsored “Freedom Flights” thanks to the kindness of relatives in the USA and the willingness to enter an uncertain future with nothing but the clothes on their back. Both sets of grandparents came to America with several children each and not a scrap of their former lives, as the Cuban government forced them to leave it all behind — but they did have hope. The United States of America offered HOPE to Cuban immigrants escaping a politically repressive society where one faced constant threats of government harassment and imprisonment for any thought or action that didn’t fit within the parameters of what the government allowed.

One of the Democrat candidates for President and an avowed socialist. Today, I have come to detest Bernie Sanders. A video of Sanders applauding Fidel Castro and the work he’d done in Cuba has surfaced and it shows the Democrat candidate applauding Castro’s “reforms” in Cuba for having “totally transformed society” there.

Let me be clear, Castro “transformed” society in Cuba by murdering thousands, imprisoning tens of thousands, and trampling the innate God-given rights of millions. Fidel Castro is a monster and the communist regime he birthed is monstrous. Bernie Sanders is either evil or an utter fool. Not only would I never vote for him, I am disgusted by him and his supporters.
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