More Benghazi Whitewashing To Clean Up A Dirt-Covered Administration


by Maureen Mullins

There has not been enough Congressional investigation into the armed assault on the Benghazi diplomatic compound, which occurred on September 11, 2012. The State Department continues to refuse access to the American survivors by Members of Congress performing their constitutionally mandated role of oversight, and at this point “National Security” is hardly a reasonable excuse. Why do they continue to block survivor’s testimony when Barack Obama declared this to be “a phony scandal” anyway?

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton is making plans to run for her party’s 2016 presidential slot—so while the fires in Benghazi were still blazing, the Democrat Machine immediately went to work. Susan Rice handled all of the Sunday talk show interviews for Clinton following the assault, telling Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes that the former Secretary of State was “exhausted” from her “incredibly painful and stressful week”.

As former Representative Lt. Col. Allen West recently wrote in a rather frank, plainspoken December 23rd Facebook editorial, “If that was stressful for Hillary, then she ain’t ready to be the Commander-in-Chief, EVER.”

It was during those Sunday talk show appearances that Rice made the specious claim that the attack was a “spontaneous protest over a You Tube video.” It is astounding that Rice continues to push that story when even the White House backed far away from it—and especially after the Congressional hearings and under-oath testimony of witnesses debunked that idea entirely.

But Rice is not alone in her attempt to re-write the re-write of history.

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