Benghazi: Putting the Lie to The Lie


by Norma Brown

For a great many of us, the bipartisan report on Benghazi bears out our judgments about what happened there and why. The only new note is that the CinC and his subordinates did not order anybody to stand down; it’s just that nobody told them to do anything beyond the ordinary on that brutal night. In fact, they heard hardly a peep out of Washington. I’m going to add what wasn’t spoken or put in the report: the military doesn’t freelance. It does as told and doesn’t violate other countries’ territory without a green light at the appropriate level. So when they weren’t doing anything to save our men over there, the military were no doubt assuming that somebody wasn’t very interested in saving them. They didn’t act. Now they add that their inaction was also due to being poorly prepared to defend one of the most dangerous places on earth, not even close to prepared. But on this matter I will echo Hillary Clinton by saying “what difference does it make?” In either case, the picture is damning. The Obama Power Center, including Hillary Clinton, made a decision that it was a better bet politically to let things run their course in Benghazi than to try to intervene militarily and risk hugely damaging fall-out if they failed.

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