Why Benghazi “Makes A Difference”


by Maureen Mullins

One year ago, after several months of delay in testifying, excuses included having the flu and treatment for a blood clot contraindicated for the manner in which she claimed to have acquired it, Hillary Clinton finally appeared before one of the Senate committees investigating the armed assault in Benghazi. Not required to be under oath, it was during this testimony in which she uttered her now-infamous indignant, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” reply to one Senator’s question. I waited for him or any of the other Senators to explain so simple an answer, none was forthcoming. An unfortunate circumstance for it seems hardly anyone, from the president and his Administration to Members of Congress to television commentators (I call them the punditry) to random citizens posting comment on Facebook, seems to understand just what difference was that night of September 11, 2012. Allow me to write a kind of primer for Mrs. Clinton and anyone else who needs the edification.

As Secretary of State, Clinton tasked Christopher Stevens, the United States Ambassador to Libya, on a still-undisclosed diplomatic mission in the very dangerous city of Benghazi. Because the ambassador’s presence was required, the diplomatic compound his residence, it became adjunct to the embassy in Tripoli; it turned that little piece of Libya into sovereign U.S. soil. For those who are unaware, an embassy does not sit on the soil of the host country but in fact, the soil of the nation of the country represented. All over America there are pieces of the nations of the world; all over the world, there are pieces of America. That is what made the difference that night – not just American lives in mortal danger but America herself attacked, a fact known to U.S. Navy Seals then working as contractors at the local CIA Annex, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Both men disobeyed the Stand Down order from the president that was passed along the chain-of-command, they felt it was worth any punishment to get to the compound, to help defend America until more military assistance, they were certain, would arrive. Both were killed by the attackers in that defense, heroes by any description of the word.

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