Ben Carson: Why Republicans Should Nominate Him For President


If anyone’s life reflects the rags-to-riches story that is the very fabric of the American ideal it is Dr. Ben Carson. Carson spent his early life on the mean streets of Detroit, raised by a poor single mother who had little education and, in fact, could not read. Young Ben Carson had every excuse to become a bitter, frustrated, angry young man; a kid who like so many others in his circumstances chose gangbanging, drugs, and a life of economic and moral privation. But this is not what happened. In spite of her own limited education, Carson’s mother insisted that young Ben and his brother take their education seriously, avoid destructive influences, and work hard to better their lives. Both of them did.

As the world now knows, that young kid from the mean streets of Detroit eventually became Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned neurosurgeon who not only bettered his own life but bettered the lives of hundreds of patients from all over the world with his gifted hands. Now all these years later he is a viable candidate for the presidency of the United States. What a story. Horatio Alger could not have written it better. The only way this story could end any better is for America to elect Carson as President of the United States, and ending that is entirely possible.

I recently received a booklet in the mail from the organization that is trying to generate enough support to convince Dr. Carson to run for president. The PAC calls itself “Run Ben Run!” and its booklet is titled, Ben Carson for President 2016. I usually send unsolicited political material directly to the circular file, but this particular booklet caught my eye because on the back cover it lists three good reasons why Ben Carson should be America’s next president. They are substantial reasons worth considering: 1) Carson is the only candidate who can heal and unite America, 2) Carson is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton, and 3) Carson is a genuine Ronald Reagan conservative with common sense solutions for America.

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