Ben Carson Claims He and Al Sharpton ‘Have the Same Goal’


Somebody save Ben Carson from himself—or his campaign.

He is a man I admire. He is perhaps the most decorated living private citizen we have. If my life includes a quarter of the accomplishments of his, I will be more than satisfied when they finally put me in the grave. We certainly need someone of his stature on the front lines of the battle for the soul of America.

But  Carson compared himself to Al Sharpton.

No, really, this actually happened. There’s even a picture of Carson shaking that proven liar, charlatan, tax cheat, race-baiter, and riot inciter’s hand. Because that’s why we want someone like Carson to run for president, to legitimize a destructive hack like Sharpton.

In reality, it’s because the likes of Sharpton have been discredited that many Americans of various political persuasions are interested in someone like Carson. A fresh face whose life story proves the American Dream still lives, and the Sharptons of the world are wrong when they claim we have to burn the village to save it.

If Carson is going to take that away from us as well, then there’s no point to him running for president at all. He’s risking self-parody now. Seriously, if another GOP presidential candidate commits worse messaging than that this cycle, you have my permission to shoot me. My family also promises not to press any charges but simply collect the insurance check.
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