Before my fellow conservatives jump immediately to defend Candidate Carson, I would ask that they read the following short column.

Some years ago, I became aware of the extraordinary and remarkable career of Dr. Benjamin Carson via the 2009 movie “Gifted Hands”…a film in which Cuba Gooding, Jr. portrayed the doctor. I even talked about him to my friend and colleague Laurie Roth who, subsequently, interviewed him on her Radio show. Dr. Carson seemed to be an honorable man, conservative and true to his word. However, since he officially began his campaign for the position of POTUS, something appears to have happened to the image of him I once held…something that leaves me feeling ill at ease. And, no…this has nothing to do with the patently false Politico article about him.

This has to do with real issues and problems surrounding Dr. Carson’s campaign about which the media are aware but, are largely not reporting. Let’s take a look.

Carson-Williams and Nation of Islam

Dr. Carson attracted and maintains Armstrong Williams—Carson’s business manager, leading African-American owner of television stations and self-avowed conservative—as his top aide and adviser. Both Williams and Carson have spoken out against Islam. However, on 5 October 2015 Williams actually wrote a column praising and supporting Nation of Islam entitled “The Nation of Islam could be Chicago’s savior.”

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