Belinda Bee, Organizer of 2 Million Man Biker Rally


by Nancy Smith

Think One Person Can’t Make a Difference? Think Again. Given all the large, complex problems in the world today, it often seems almost impossible that any one person can make a difference anymore.

Just don’t tell that to Belinda Bee, an unlikely hero in the midst of an extraordinary event. Bee is an American biker on a mission and was the co-organizer of the 2 Million Man Biker Rally held on 9/11 in Washington DC. Nearly 1.3 million bikers descended on the nation’s capital in an unprecedented show of patriotism and support for those killed and injured as a result of the events on 9/11/2001.

But before you’re tempted to think Bee must be a pro at this kind of thing with years of experience and a sterling past, you might be surprised to learn that until just a few short weeks ago, Bee’s only qualifications for this role were as a part-time employee at an auto parts store, a part-time caregiver for a sick relative, and a part-time biker. By her own admission, she is also a recovering alcoholic who credits both God and Alcoholics Anonymous with changing her life for the better.

On top of all that, Bee had never organized anything in her life, let alone a 2 million man biker rally.

Recently I had the chance to chat via phone with Bee, and suffice it to say she has been a very ‘busy bee’ indeed, both in the weeks leading up to, and since the Biker Rally. Nonetheless, Bee was able to find time to share with me some of her thoughts about this momentous event, and where it will go from here.

Like many Americans, I too was captivated at the thought of doing something positive to commemorate the tragedies in our nation and in other parts of the world, surrounding the infamous date of 9/11. As I watched this Biker Rally grass roots effort unfold across our nation and the internet, my heart was strengthened and my spirits lifted at the thought of so many citizens coming together to make a statement at our nations’ Capitol – Make no mistake, We are here, We will be heard, We love our Country and We will never forget.

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