Belgium Legalizes the Murder of Children with Disabilities


by Onan Coca

In what may be the most obvious sign of the apocalypse that we’ve seen to date, the disgusting politicians who reside in the Belgian Senate have overwhelmingly (in a 50 – 17 vote) approved a new law that would extend the ability to be euthanized to children. The law will let children under the age of 18 seek to be euthanized within certain parameters. (The law will also allow adults with dementia to request to be euthanized.)

The last hope for Belgium is that the law will be stopped in its tracks in the House of Representatives, but it doesn’t seem promising.

Yet again the socialist governments of Europe are making judgments about what type of people are valuable and what type of people are expendable.

The move to legalize euthanasia across the world attempts to cloak itself in the robe of compassion, but the repulsively honest truth is that the legalization of euthanasia is simply proof that the values of the Nazi’s are alive and well even in our “thriving” democracies. The Nazis believed that certain people were a drain on society and that the best course of action was to remove them from society.

This is where socialized medicine MUST lead. There just isn’t enough money to go around to make sure that everyone can get quality healthcare all of the time. So as a “society” we must decide who benefits us as a whole and make sure the money to care for them medically is funneled in that direction. The people who are seen as a drain on society will best serve society by not using “our” resources.

The Belgians have adopted the Nazi’s philosophy.

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