Becoming the Establishment: How To Make Perseverance Pay


Guest post by Joel Kurtinitis on May 28, 2014

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(Part 3 of 3)

Every four years, the presidential caucus comes to Iowa, and the business of politics explodes. Activists pile in from other states, media lavishes attention upon every mundane event, and candidates crisscross the state courting voters in every small-town diner. It’s a circus. But behind the debates and door-knocking, another battle is being fought. Candidates – even presidential candidates – are only one piece of what makes up a political party.

Throughout the state, a battle is being waged over the purpose of the party. One group, who typically identify themselves as the “candidate” wing of the GOP, believes that the party structure exists only to elect Republicans. Another group believes that the party exists to promote the principles and policies contained within the platform, and that candidates are only a means to that end. Each side blames the other for electoral losses, and despite being tied together within team R, these two groups have little more in common with each other than the Democrats they both oppose.

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