Bears in the air: Why Russian bombers rattled some serious saber


by J.E. Dyer

Just so you know: 16 incursions by Russian bombers into a U.S. air defense identification zone (ADIZ), in a period of 10 days, was not, in fact, normal, even during the Cold War.

That number of incursions is what is technically referred to as a buttload of incursions over a short period of time.

To be clear, the Russian bombers did not violate U.S. territorial air space. You’ll see some blogs and even MSM news organizations reporting it that way, but that’s not an accurate rendering. The Russian bombers entered a U.S. ADIZ, meaning they flew into a zone that extends beyond U.S. territorial air space, where our air controllers require all aircraft to identify themselves, and where we may respond with Air Force or Air National Guard fighter interceptors (e.g., F-22, F-16, or F-15). A number of nations have declared ADIZes, which are a common national defense measure.

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