Be Wary of Roller Coasters…and Politicians


When you’re fanning yourself in those long, sticky lines at an amusement park, you can look around and observe that most people seem to be totally okay with being swirled and hurled around at the mercy of some wood, steel, and a tired worker – “checking” that seat belts are hooked, while updating their twitter status.

All over the news, this week, we’re seeing more details and statements released about the Six Flags tragedy – where a woman named Rosy Esparza met her untimely death when being thrown from a roller coaster. Others who rode with her recall her telling the theme park worker that her seatbelt didn’t feel secure. The worker reportedly responded by nonchalantly saying “As long as it clicked, you’re ok.”

Sure, Rosy is one in a million, but hearing this news made me realize that we’ve got a much bigger problem than one roller coaster casualty. Just like those wide-eyed sticky roller coaster lovers, we’ve got an entire country of wide-eyed, trusting, go-with-the-flow Americans, who would rather be cool and do what celebrities tell them to, than rock the boat in any way. They won’t question the actions of the Obama administration. They’d rather risk it with their possibly faulty seatbelt, and look cool like all the other sticky people. Because, jumping out of the seat and saying, “This is not safe!” is going to make people think you’re a paranoid freak, right?

I’ve never been one of those easy-going theme park gals. Sure, growing up, I tried to act like I was excited and carefree about the whole thing, but I’ve always felt uneasy about it. Heck, I don’t even like to get into cars that other people are driving – because, I’ve been through too much to blindly trust that a stranger will keep me safe.

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