‘Bash the Fash’: Far-Left College Fight Club Promises to Teach Tolerance by Beating It into You


Give the group credit. Its name — “Knights for Socialism” — pulls no punches. Neither do its members, who promise (threaten?) to combat hatred against the Left’s protected classes with their fists. How’s that for spreading tolerance?!

Campus Reform reports that the University of Central Florida, which is where the group is based, held a workshop Sunday on hand-to-hand combat techniques that was open to everyone … except Republicans.

The purpose of the group, according to its Facebook page, is to train lefties to throw a left hook, to pummel fascists (the “fash” of the headline)  into submission:

In response to the record number of hate crimes against Latinxs, Immigrants, Muslims, Women, the LGBTQIA+ community, Jews, African Americans and other minorities since the rise of Donald Trump and other Alt-Right Neo-Nazis, Knights for Socialism has decided to host a series of self-defense clinics for anyone that wants to learn how to BASH THE FASH.

The fairer sex is welcome:

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