Barbara Boxer: Planned Parenthood Apologist and Merchant of Death


First, killing unborn babies should not be legal. Just because the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that unborn babies don’t have legal protection under the Constitution does not mean that killing unborn babies is the moral thing to do any more than it was the moral thing to do for the Supreme Court to rule that Dred Scott and his wife did not have any legal rights under the Constitution.

Second, the abortion issue is mired in smoke-screen language, red herrings, and obfuscation as is typical of abortion apologists like Sen. Barbara Boxer who wrote a long defense of the racist organization known as Planned Parenthood in (where else?) the Huffington Post:

“Now we are witnessing another ideological attack that would put women’s health and women’s lives at risk — this time by targeting women’s reproductive health care, an issue that was resolved back in 1973.”
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