Barack Hussein Is Receiving His Last Christmas Gift from Congress, a No-Fly Zone over Syria


A late-game maneuver by Congress to install a no-fly zone over Syria is making the rounds on Capitol Hill and appears to be heading for a quick passage.

This is an aggressive, offensive, and frankly, thoughtless maneuver that could lead to an escalation in hostilities, increase tensions between the US and Russia, and potentially turn the region into a world war zone.

While Barack Hussein is busy bombing empty Syrian desert, Putin is pounding ISIS into last week. Now, our Congress is attempting to prevent Putin from doing that. Will Hussein actually order our armed forces to shoot down Russian planes? Will our armed forces obey? To me any such order should be deemed unconstitutional. Therefor, military officers are not obliged to obey it. But, will our military commanders obey the order anyway? I think so. This legislation is nothing less than STUPID, in my opinion. Continue Reading

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