Barack Ebola: Death to America


by Donald Joy

Strange days, indeed. This week we endured not only the president’s dishonest defense of Islamic polygamy in his African family background; we were also treated to Michelle Ebola exclaiming, “The blood of Africa runs through my veins!”

How nice. It’s just so comforting, knowing that the people in charge of the United States are so eager to carry various influences from the Dark Continent, from whence the AIDS virus originates, and import them among us–not to mention the massive, illegal invasion of our communities happening from the diseased and dangerous regions to our South.

Now, outbreaks of the deadly Ebola virus are escalating in West Africa, and cases of the nightmare disease are starting to arrive on international flights at our airports, courtesy of the official efforts of our own African-run government. “Diversity is our strength!” cry the liberals, as America staggers even further in the direction of a Third World failed country.

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