Baltimore Riots: Squandering the Moral Authority of the Civil Rights Movement


Protestors in Baltimore claim the riots in their town are being spurred by years of injustice, bias, and oppression on the part of the police. In Ferguson the same claims were made but with the added element of race. The Ferguson rioters claimed that a predominantly white police force and city hall had it in for the black citizens of their town. But because Baltimore has a black Mayor, a majority black city council, black police commissioner, a majority non-white police force, and a population that is almost 64 percent black the oppressive-white-police argument has been more difficult to make—not that race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Barack Obama have not tried. Consequently, the rioters in Baltimore are simply protesting against the police in general; protests that are not being received well by the American public because of the violent, destructive, criminal behavior of the protestors. Watch the nightly news and the only victims you will see in Baltimore are police officers.

It is not that the American public—including law-abiding citizens of Baltimore—question the claims of bias necessarily. Even those most offended by what they see happening in Baltimore (and now Philadelphia—but that is grist for another mill) want to give the justice system an opportunity to work before making judgments. Americans do not condone bias, oppression, or brutality on the part of the police any more than they condone rioting, looting, and arson on the part of protestors. But they do want to see them dealt with in the proper and legal manner. In addition, those Americans who are either heart-broken or angry at what they see happening in Baltimore will freely admit that there can be a few bad cops in the mix on any police force and that even good cops sometimes make bad mistakes. What many Americans—including law-abiding citizens of Baltimore—question is the behavior of the protestors. It is difficult for viewers to sympathize with protestors who claim police bias and oppression when the only people they see being hurt on the nightly news are police officers and when the only people showing a modicum of restraint pm the streets of Baltimore are police officers.
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