Baltimore Officials Persecute Police Then Wonder Why Murder Rate Is Up


Perhaps you have heard the maxim, “Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.” Somebody should have explained this maxim to city officials in Baltimore. In recent weeks the murder rate in that city has skyrocketed and, frankly, officials in Baltimore are to blame. They mishandled the Freddy Gray case by pandering to mobs and criminals and, in doing so, empowered those who are now murdering each other.

The sad fact is that Baltimore’s city leaders are getting exactly what they asked for. The spike in murders in Baltimore can be tied directly to the wimpy, hands-off handling of the riots, looting, and violence that erupted in the wake of Freddy Gray’s death while in police custody three months ago. Instead of dealing with the criminals, they attacked, vilified, and persecuted the police. Now they are fretting over a skyrocketing murder rate. As young people say these days, “duh.”

After Freddie Gray died, riots broke out as black gang members and other criminals used his death as a trumped up excuse to turn up the volume on their normal, everyday criminal activities. Using the always touchy excuse of race as their rationale, gang members and other criminals—egged on by race baiting hustlers—temporarily put aside their usual activity of killing each other over drugs and turf to join together in looting, burning, and pillaging businesses in Baltimore. Rather than try to calm the situation and conduct the investigations necessary to learn the facts about Gray’s death, city officials rushed to judgment and joined the rioters in excoriating the police. The local district attorney, in a move that showed her inexperience and perhaps even bias, quickly brought charges against six police officers. Adopting a let-them-have-their-fun attitude, the mayor of Baltimore told police to take a hands-off approach in responding to the looting and violence.
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